Erasmus+ programme 2021/2027

Information for the academic departments




Erasmus study exchanges

The following page is designed to provide departments with more information on the Erasmus+ opportunities available for both students and staff.

Erasmus study exchanges are arranged between two universities and must be for a minimum of 3 months. This covers students to undertake a period of study at the other institution, for which they are able to receive a monthly Erasmus grant.


Erasmus study exchanges at undergraduate level are only possible for courses that can incorporate a period abroad into their current structure. For graduate exchanges consideration needs to be given to limits posed by the collegiate system and the need for a supervisor.


Any new exchanges would need to be set-up on a long term basis, and NBU’s participation would require the approval of it’s Institutional coordinator.

  • An  signed agreement must be in place between the respective departments of the two universities (Bilateral Agreements can only be endorsed with the Institutional coordinator’s consent)
  • An Erasmus exchange must be for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months in duration.
  • Exchange numbers are usually balanced, but there must always be at least as many outgoing students as there are incoming students.
  • It is the department’s/faculty’s responsibility to ensure that all incoming students have a secured place.

Any new exchanges would be subject to the University receiving additional Erasmus funding. Therefore, please contact the  Erasmus Coordinator if you are interested in setting up a new study exchange.